Reprinted from a recently received letter: “What a %#@ Unit this is. We only get 2 toilet paper rolls per week….what happened to that robust supply that the DOC promised us? They only comply when the ACLU and media make them give us toilet paper.”

“Here’s what they spend their time on. Yesterday, 12 suits (CO IVs, Deputies, ADWs, et al) descended on wing 4, A yard to do 704s?? (704 is code for room inspection). They wouldn’t answer any inmate questions like, why aren’t we getting Covid vaccinations.”

“The suits spent your tax dollars taking cardboard out of the windows, so the residents couldn’t have shade from the sun. WTF? Is this what we pay them to do? Shouldn’t their time be better spent on addressing our suicide rate? Our lack of programs? The dismal crumbling infrastructure? Nope. They just add to the despair.”