You folks gotta read this one…what jackass is in charge there?–Ed.

3-14-21, “Lumley’s A yard had another positive Covid event. Naturally, they locked us down for the whole day, but the entertaining part was watching the guards. I’ve been on Lumley for two years, and for the entire Covid crisis this was the first day ANYONE deep cleaned. As three guards in hazmat suits cleaned out the Covid cell, other guards were spraying/cleaning the phones, railings, and door handles. I’ve never seen them take Covid seriously before, it’s like it never existed for the last year.”

‘My bunkie is from Carlos and she said deep cleaning was every week, and abundant supplies were made available at all times. She said every day the doors and phones were disinfected! Lumley is just plain filthy. The showers are horrid and trash piles up everywhere.”