COVID vaccines are starting to roll out in Perryville, but it was pretty weird getting there. These two messages came less than 24- hours apart.

The latest on vaccinations–3-23-21- Health professionals are trying to encourage the women here by telling them..”It’s going to be really soon. IPC and Lumley will be first. (because that’s where Inmate Patient Care and Special Needs Unit are located.) And it will be ‘when you least expect it.” Why the intrigue? Why the secrecy?

Perryville elderly get 1st dose of COVID vaccine!!! 3-24-21 Eyewitness report “We are calling this the ‘parade of the Q-Tips’. I didn’t know the DOC had so many wheelchairs! Next to the cavalcade of wheelchairs, was a shuffling line of canes and gray heads. They slowly made their way to Lumley visitation, where health professionals were waiting to give them the Moderna COVID vaccine. The whole process went smoothly, and there were a lot of happy faces.

The M.D. in charge of this was glad it went well, but with a caveat. This was a sea of white faces. He was disappointed that only a few African-American’s and Hispanics agreed to be vaccinated. I have two black friends that fit the age requirements but adamantly refused to get the vaccine. The reluctance in prison paralleled the reluctance on the outside in these demographics. These women will receive their second dose around the middle of April. The rest of the prison inmates will get their vaccine in April or May.