PW: ‘The inmates continually complain about lack of clothing, and the horrible condition of them. What can you tell us about State Issue?’

“The DOC don’t want to give the inmates ANY new clothing. The only way to get it is to buy it. The supervisors tell the State Issue officers to not pass out new clothing to inmates, but to keep it on the shelves to make the inventory logs look good. That way when the dog and pony tours go through, they look like they’re fully stocked with new clothes. It’s also common corruption for the workers to sell new duds to their fellow inmates, while the officer looks the other way. That’s why the new inmates get no sheets and used and torn underwear, no socks, etc.”

PW: ‘What can you tell us about the conditions of the kitchens on Perryville?’

“Oh geeze! If the Health Department ever made a surprise visit, they would shut them down. Of course, there is no such thing as a surprise, because they are tipped off before, and they scrub like mad to pass. They change the expired labels to current, hide the rat shit, and paint over mold on walls. I’m still don’t know how the DOC gets away with serving pet food, labeled NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It has always amazed me.”

PW: ‘Do the staff drink the tap water, or eat the prison food?’

“(roars with laughter) Are you kidding me!!??? All yard officers carry their own bottled water to work, and upper-level staff have bottled water brought into the offices. I don’t know how the inmates drink that crap, I can’t even get it past my nose….eww. Back before 2010, we used to eat the food, because it was free to us, and it wasn’t half bad. When contractors took over the prison chow, we left it alone. Why do you think the women are so sick all the time? Transportation officers tell me that 90% of medical transport is cancer….. what does that tell ya. There has been a rash of hysterectomies in Perryville that the DOC wants to keep quiet. These poor girls are treated less than human.”

(Part 3 of this interview coming soon.)