Does ANYTHING on Lumley go right? Check out this report on ice call. Keep in mind readers…..inmates pay for ice ($2.25 for 10lb bag) themselves.

“Well, this is the 3rd week in a row Lumley Unit has run out of ice during a 100-degree weekend. Many women try to avoid the heavy metals and toxins in the tap water, by buying ice and using the melted water for drinking. The ice is made from purified water. Why don’t we just buy bottled water? The PRICE! We spend $15.75 per week for ice that yields 35 bottles of water. The bottled water at the store ($1.30 for a 20oz bottle) would cost $45.50 per week. And how many Sherpa’s would I have to hire to get that many cases to my room?

This is the only solution. Lumley is so poorly run, that they can’t even keep the freezer stocked with ice. Here is the bottom line….they DON’T CARE! One guard told me, ‘I don’t gotta do nothin’ for you except make sure you got a pulse, now go away!’