LOL, ROFLMAO, laughing hysterically, hehehe, … get the point.

Here’s the back story. On Sept. 24th, 2020, a memo was posted throughout Perryville, that a Retaliation Hotline was to be installed that would allow an inmate to report staff retaliation. Months and months passed and there was no hotline. Finally, after several formal grievances requiring the DOC to actually do what they said they would, the Retaliation Hotline was installed April 1, 2021. It doesn’t say it’s the hotline on the inmate phone menu. Here are the choices given to the inmate when she uses the phone…dial #1 ‘To place a call’, dial #4 to reach the messaging system, dial #8 to hear your balance.

Hint…the ‘messaging system’ is the Retaliation Hotline! You’d never know it if you hadn’t read the memo the year before!!!!

Oh, these folks are clever bastards. They DON’T WANT the inmates to use it!!! This way Shinnsplints can say, “Oh well no one used it, so let’s get rid of it.”

Do you know who gets the Retaliation Hotline message? A former Warden still working for the DOC at Central Office!