I was escorted to Isolation room #1 with contagious Shingles.

This is how Peaville organizes it’s hospital center, located on Lumley unit. IPC (Inmate Patient Care, short-term stays), is next to the SNU (Special Needs Unit, long-term care), and the Isolation rooms are within IPC. There is this big sign ‘ISOLATION, Do Not Enter Without Authorized Staff!’ It’s a typical wide hospital door, inside is bed, sink, toilet, and exam area.

I must admit, I didn’t notice the lack of a doorknob until I was in bed. Every time nurses or doctors enter, they have to remove the Kotex, and push it between the door and door jam to keep the door closed! So if you have a patient with a communicable disease, like Covid, you’re just a Kotex pad away from spreading it!!! What!?

Again, let me remind you of the DOC’s $1.3 Billion dollar budget…….