These assholes can’t do anything correctly. Read the whole story in Arizona Republic newspaper, 6-7-21.—Ed.

Lawyers for death row inmates found documents showing the DOC purchased the wrong kind of gas chamber chemicals. They bought potassium cyanide instead of sodium cyanide. Plans to refurbish the gas chamber generated national attention after the Guardian newspaper reported Arizona was planning to kill inmates ‘using the same lethal gas that was deployed in Auschwitz.’. Zyklon B, as the Nazis called it, is hydrogen cyanide.

What about the lethal injection you ask? State officials have refused to disclose the source of materials used in lethal injections. Arizona suspended executions in 2014 after an inmate was given a lethal injection and died horrifically in front of shocked witnesses. Joseph Wood gasped for 2 HOURS before he died.

In 2010 the DOC was caught using illegally imported drugs. In 2015 they tried the same thing and got caught again. So far the state has refused to disclose where it got the $1.5 million it used to buy new lethal injection drugs or say where they came from.

There are 3 women on death row in Perryville now, that’s why we care.