This does not reflect women committing more crime, it is the result of the Republican driven legislative policies for 1st time and nonviolent offenses. Today, women make up 10% of the Arizona’s prison population, compared to 7% in other states.

Additionally, the number of women remanded to Arizona’s prison mare than doubled (actually grew by 104%), neighboring states grew at 19%!

Now, consider this: 88% of women prisoners have significant substance abuse treatment needs. This statistic is furnished by the AZDOC itself.

Nation research shows incarcerated women report higher rates of sexual abuse, PTSD, and serious mental illness than their incarcerated brothers. We have conducted countless exit interviews with departing women from Perryville and found no indications that the DOC helped them deal with this.

Rehabilitation is a joke. All the state wants to do is make money off inmates and their families. Each woman is just a ‘cash cow’ to be milked and then discarded.