Boy, have we got letters on this dude….and not just from inmates…his staff hate him too.

Bendel is the only DW continuing the draconian ‘escorting’ of inmates everywhere they go. Santa Cruz and Santa Maria, the other medium custody units, have discontinued the practice. And for good reason. The temps are near 120 every day, with the average wait time of up to 2 hours to get an officer to escort them to medical, property, store, meals, and other business. People are falling out from heatstroke and dizziness. To add to the insult, some guards require that the women line up in military-style lines.

We got a call from a mother that reiterated her daughter’s day at Lumley. “She went up to shop at 9:30 with 30 other women, but only half got to shop before 10:30. They were supposed to come right up after count. It’s 115 in the shade while they wait and wait for an escort. Meanwhile, 12 women were called to medical, and the rest of her yard lined up for chow. No one comes. The one and only guard there is trying to raise someone on his radio. The gals ask him where everyone is and he said, ‘They all went home.’!!! Ice call was missed again because there was no available guard.”

With staffing at an all time low, WHY would Bendel enforce this nonsense???!!! Get rid of him, he’s another failure.