*Unsafe at any speed* We wonder if the D.O.T. knows that Perryville routinely jams 17 to 32 women in a 9 person van??? Our women have been jammed into vans going to medical, and the entire workforce of TeleVerde into one van. Can you spell C-O-V-I-D super spreader???!!! Can you imagine the injuries in a crash???!!

Staff Member: “Why does Perryville put the elderly and the pregnant upstairs where they could fall?” You’re asking US??? Here’s the same obvious answer….Because they’re STUPID!

Perryville RN: “Women having vitamin and iron deficiencies are skyrocketing!” The ladies themselves have reported this, but nice to have it confirmed by medical staff. Speaking of staff….they have found our site, and are singing like canaries in the coal mine:)

One of the top 5 complaints at Peaville: No response from staff on tablet or paper. This complaint by the women is growing louder. With the advent of tablets, they thought inmate letters would have a more rapid response from staff. It seems the opposite. The women have been put on ‘ignore’.


Women can not move unless escorted* DW Bendel, of Lumley Unit, who is the only DW in Perryville that escorts medium inmates everywhere. A Mom of a daughter there called in this title. We wish we’d thought of it. So….what next for Bendel? Burka’s????