Read the full version of this excellent article by Jimmy Jenkins, Arizona Republic 9-21-21.—Ed.)

SB 1310 offers early release for low-level drug offenses and drug paraphernalia. To take advantage of this, a prisoner must complete a programming class.

Courtney Wilson, who was incarcerated at Perryville from June 2018 to September 2019, recounts her story. Wilson was told she qualified for 1310 release credits, but the necessary programming was NOT available at Perryville. She said many of the women at Perryville who were eligible for early release had given up hope. ‘It’s really frustrating, because they pass a law to release some of the population, but every step of the way, the DOC would put up roadblocks to keep you from taking advantage of it.’ ‘It makes you really cynical’, she said, ‘because you know they don’t have your best interests at heart. The DOC just warehouses people…. there’s no rehabilitation.’