300 women ask to leave Lumley: Like lemmings to the sea, these gals fought to get out of Lumley. The opportunity arose when the COIV asked for volunteers to transfer to another Unit, like Santa Cruz. This COIV was inundated and overwhelmed with requests! This should give the staff, especially DW Taliban Bendel, that they run a sh*t show. We bet they don’t do a darn thing differently

And it’s no wonder why!

Only Lumley women are humiliated with marching single file everywhere they go. Taliban Bendel strikes again in his war against medium custody women. Not only are they still ‘escorted’ wherever they go on the Unit, but now he antagonizes them further by making them march in a straight line. Does Bendel think this is the military? A prisoner of war camp? Kindergarten? In our opinion, this DW is a misogynist….a hater of females. Why else would he humiliate Lumley residents?