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This RN with 30 years experience, worked predominantly in the DOC Alhambra unit which serves as intake for men’s prisons. In this instance in 2020, Nurse Bordan was asked to document a return from off-site even though no one had seen this inmate. She went to her computer and wrote the entry as if she’d seen him.

The next day, Bordan was thanked by the Director for ‘Saving Centurion $100,000. Then it hit her…’ I lied on a medical document. After that, she was defiant against pressure from Centurion and continued to advocate for her patients. In her time working the DOC, she alleged Providers were delivering substandard care to prisoners, specialty care denials, no follow-up treatments, and a preponderance of failing Performance Measures.

Nurse Bordan resigned from Centurion in September. She is quoted as saying, ‘If you don’t speak up, you’re as guilty as the person doing wrong.’