An RN source alerted us to this story. According to her, this serious bacterial disease is prevalent in prisons….at least AZ prisons. This virulent strain of bacteria is, according to the Merck manual, is the cause of gastritis and ulcers. Long-term infection increases the risk of stomach cancer. Other research found this bacteria is found in FILTHY places, i.e. greasy spoon diners, unwashed utensils, and unsanitary conditions.

Remember we told you about Perryville’s main complex kitchen being shut down for horrific violations of basic sanitation. Of course, the hordes of rats found in the kitchen and storerooms didn’t help matters. This prison was built in the early ’70s, and as we know the DOC hates to part with money, and so new dishwashers are rarely installed.

According to sources, the old dishwashers don’t get to the required temperature to sanitize the dishes/trays. Bleach is supposed to be added, but bleach is in short supply as inmates steal it from the kitchen so they can clean their rooms. Especially with the advent of Covid. You can’t blame them when basic cleaning supplies are almost nonexistent. We will keep in touch with the Health Department and keep you apprised.