The Keefe/Trinity Corp has found yet another way to scalp inmates of their precious few dollars. Not happy with a complete monopoly on food that inmates have no choice but to consume, but they want MORE money for their “restaurant meals”.

Billed as restaurant quality, and big portions, of meals like Angus Burger, Carne Asada, and Chicken Tenders. Comes with a bag of chips and a soda! You should see the photos on display of each meal….yummy. And for the amazingly low price of $10.75!

According to the women on PeeVille, the reality is different than advertising. Consumers report the meals are tasteless, as the Carne Asada was gray, boiled, gristle, and portions are typical prison amounts (small). Most gals reported spending $10.75 on chips and soda. Rip off!!!