I have always been skeptical of how much “stress” affects one’s health. Well, I’m a believer now. I have empirical evidence of my own blood lab work.

If you read the articles about how bad Lumley Unit treats its residents, you can understand the major STRESS the women are subjected to. I lived, (survived) 13 months on Taliban Bendel’s Lumley. It was sincerely the worst 13 months of my life. Two blood tests were performed during that period.

I recently compared that to the blood tests taken after I was liberated and transferred to Maria Unit. You’d think they were drawn from two different people! I used the Merck manual and a Lab Corp interpretation manual, to contrast and compare the results. Roughly 60% of the scores on the Lumley tests were either too low or high and not in the normal range. In ALL of the scores that were out, the manuals said stress was a factor. My lab work done on Maria showed a healthy person with blood scores all in the normal range!

Yep, I’m a believer.