Santa Maria unit has had conflicting news about its fate for months now. A prison runs on rumors, but all reports point to an entity that has no clue about what’s going on.

Recently, in one day, there were 3 different announcements regarding the closing of Maria and the transfer of inmates. Central Office had decided to close down Maria in a desperate attempt to save staff.

Of course, they make these decisions without working out any details. How is the DMV going to run with all its workers across the street on Cruz? They haven’t moved closed custody from Cruz to make room for the Marian’s. Matter cannot occupy the same place at the same time.

Question: If you put all the personnel at Central Office together, would the combined education level reach the 6th grade? Did they factor in two extra hours a day for travel of DMV workers? Because they “cross the street”, all workers would have to be chained, and fully stripped out coming and going to work.

Yep, your tax dollars are going to this fiasco.