Here is another eyewitness account of what Marian’s saw when they arrived at Cruz.

“There are 4 yards on Cruz unit, A,B,C, D. Charley yard had been Closed Custody for 3 years, so we weren’t expecting the Ritz, but we weren’t prepared for what we saw.

At first glance I thought the floor was packed dirt…..omg….there was cement under all that filth! The metal built-in-furniture hadn’t been painted since the year 1972. Not only that but, the metal had been dented and gouged. The chair looked like a chain saw had tried to cut it in half… did that happen? The plumbing didn’t work, and the toilet defied description.

When we tried to clean our cells we found out there was only ONE broom for the whole yard! 200 women!! No cleaning supplies, no rags or paper towels, some cells had NO DRAWERS or chairs!! NONE of the cells had trash cans.

The whole yard was FILTHY inside and out. It was not fit for human habitation. None of the staff had any idea when ice call was, or basic directions to places. There was no place to sit down outside. All the picnic tables were in a wire fence in the center of the main yard, where those poor folks had to rec in. It looked like a kennel for dogs.

All the units in PeeVille had been repainted 2 years ago, but Cruz looked like they stopped halfway through. Part of it is still gray, and some tan. But it’s not done neatly, every building is sloppy with paint spills and drips.

It looks bombed out, which is why I called it Ukraine. All the plants and flowers were dead. There was not one thing that looked like humans lived there.

Did I mention the guards were surly? They acted like Russian soldiers ready to kill us at the slightest provocation….. and they would have ENJOYED it.”

We will print a few more eyewitness accounts, it looks like we have plenty pouring in.