On July 3 we posted that an inmate had died the previous night (read that here.) Since that article, this is what we have been told. Please keep in mind that we cannot verify the completeness or accuracy of the details, however, we promised to follow up with what we learned.

On July 2nd at 9:25pm, multiple witnesses said the victim lay awkwardly on her bed, when –#1– asked her what was wrong, the victim mumbled incoherently, but made out the word water. #1 then tried to give her some water, but the victim could not sit up or control her body movements. At this time #1 ran to the officer #1co, and he called an ICS (emergency) over the radio.

The victim was deteriorating rapidly as the left side of her face drooped down. #1co continued to radio in her symptoms to Main Control as they occurred, nausea, perfuse sweating, clammy to the touch, difficulty breathing, and speaking. Within 5 minutes after calling the ICS, officers #2co and #3 co came running in to assist. After unsuccessfully trying to move the victim to a wheelchair, they found a gurney and #1co lifted her on it. Witnesses all agreed her last words were “so scared”, “can’t breathe”.

A full 40 minutes passed from the initial radio call to the arrival of any medical assistance. The officers couldn’t wait any longer so they took her to Carlos medical to wait for nurses to arrive from Complex. There is no medical personnel on site after 10 pm! Witness #4 stated, “I saw medical staff walking in no hurry from the entrance of Carlos to the medical office.”

A friend of the victim said earlier in the day the victim went to medical complaining of shortness of breath but was turned away. Apparently, this was a two-month struggle for the victim to get help from medical for her symptoms. And now she is silenced forever.