We posted follow up information on this situation a couple of days ago (read it here). It took until today for this the first story in the saga to arrive.

By serendipity, meaning AIMS2 strikes again, a minimum inmate ends up on closed custody on Lumley. For our readers not familiar with the prisons’ terrible computer system, look in our archives for past stories. The one thing AIMS is famous for is LOOSING inmates.

“I’m waiting at the gate to be picked up in the usual van when this enclosed paddy wagon arrives. The female guard walks toward me carrying…. chains?? WTF. I’ve never been in chains for a simple transfer. So this gal motions for me to get in the back of the van. A non-padded rumble seat made for dwarfs. I could barely wad my 5’10 frame in this little box. It’s pitch black. Mercifully, it’s a 5-minute ride.

I get out of the van and ask the nearest guard, “where am I?”, he says “Closed custody yard”. “What!?” I sputter…”I only have 9 points, what am I doing here??”. Quickly I email my attorney, and she writes back that “they just realized you weren’t supposed to be there.”. DUH.

Then my attention was grabbed by three inmates descending on me in my room. They were armed with spray bottles and said they were there to “clean my room”. What they really meant was, “We’re here to clean you out of all your stuff.”. Fortunately, all they were able to swipe was a black state-owned blanket before I was able to slam the door.

I’m sitting on my bunk feeling miserable, my nose full of smoke from the vent. (closed custody only gets out an hour a day…maybe) Then I decide this is an opportunity to report on what goes on here! I can make use of my time while waiting for the cavalry to arrive.

So far I’ve learned they treat these gals worse than dogs. How can a person function without any stimulation for 23 out of 24 hours? For the last 48 hours, I’ve heard nothing but yelling from the guards, and the women being marched everywhere.
It’s a miserable existence. Then I start interviewing the officers. I ask, “What Covid cleaning program do you have here?”. (answer) ” It’s like Covid never existed here.”

“Don’t you have a deep cleaning at least once a week like on Carlos?” I ask. “Well, we can’t let the inmates clean their own room, because they might try to commit suicide with the cleaner by ingesting it,” he says. !? I think to myself that suicide is probably an ongoing problem here.

That’s what I have so far readers….I got to take a couple more hits on my rescue inhaler now.”